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Junge Kunst Berlin (young art berlin) shows new paintings from Daniel Schwarz, at the upcoming exhibition „Buschwindröschen“. His paintings are part of national and international collections, private and public. 

Daniel Schwarz (born 1991 - Bad Ems) lives and works in berlin, germany.

Daniel Schwarz’s oil paintings on canvas bring stories alive: fairy tales, myths, legends. A mysteriousness that makes sparks fly. If you creep into one of his picture and you look long enough at the colour-nature, you will discover creatures that your first, quick glance may not even have caught. But even if Daniel Schwarz acts according to colours’ own laws, if he involves the accidental and appreciates surprises that prepare the ground for the unexpected, he has, nonetheless, a plan. What matters to him is to be able to oppose something to the cold rationality of our world: namely, the magical. This is painting in the warm cloak of memory. 

The nerve of sight is quietly spun clean.

(Christoph Tannert, curator) ____________________________________________________________________

Junge Kunst Berlin
Köpenicker Str. 96
10179 Berlin

Opening reception: Friday, 7.6.19

open daily from 12 - 18 pm, until 16.6 and on request,
admission free 

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Wo Junge Kunst Berlin
Köpenicker Str. 96
10179, Berlin
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