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The Garciass & Kamaleonz

The Garciass is a Frankfurter multicultural molotov cocktail Rock- Punk band that makes people blow and move like their heart is about to explode A proper mix of blood: El Salvador, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
Like their blood, and their cultural diversity unleashes a variety of sounds that when placed together erupt into the raw, cracky, bouncy, wavy sound.
Their Music cannot be placed onto a single style; their sound cannot be described with just one word. Their music is the testimony of internationalism turned into music.

Kamaleonz is a fusion indie rock band with a lot of rhythm and heart. Rediscover yourself dancing, singing and dreaming.
They are not only masters of transformation, but also have an incomparable panoramic view in all directions. So they look into the past, present and future with a surprising mix that gets under your skin.

Wann06.12.2019 von 20:00 bis 00:00 Uhr
Wo Dreikönigskeller
Färberstr. 71
60594, Frankfurt am Main
Kategorie Konzerte und Musik -> Punk, Indie
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KontaktE-Mail: kontakt@dreikoenigskeller.eu
Webseite: https
Telefon: 069 42 60 27 86
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