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Mauke Signature x Parlour x Telekom Electronic Beats w/ Dj Ibon

Kulør | BunkerBauer

henk records
Hosted by Parlour Gang
in cooperation with Telekom Electronic Beats
Norwegian born producer and DJ, known for his relentlessly euphoric and unpretentious closing sets. He released his debut EP \"Three Ways\" on fellow Copenhagen-based DJ Courtesy’s label Ectotherm last year. His productions and sets combine fast percussive and groovy techno with millennium hard trance, usually within the range of 140 and 147 bpm. Support comes by cologne based producer Stikdorn, who is running henk records together with MK Braun.
Looking forward to this date.

Wann07.12.2019 von 23:00 bis 05:00 Uhr
Schlossbleiche/ Wirmhof
42103, Wuppertal
Kategorie Ausgehen und Nachtleben -> Disco und Club
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